Serdap S.r.l.

Metal Carpentry since 2009

We are an experienced company decades in the ventilation industry And ventilation accessories. We also make shutters, tanks, ladders, piers etc.
Specializing in the production of

Fans And Accessories

We make fans for every need, from centrifugal fans to axial fans. You can also find ventilation accessories and hard-to-find products with us.
We also carry out


At Serdap you will find dampers of all kinds, both parallel and opposing flaps, butterfly, guillotine, three-way etc.
We make pontoons

Wharf Hotel

We built the pier of a well-known 5-star hotel in northern Italy.

Specializing in the production of

Dapo Flow Regulators

Products used to control airflow in ventilation systems.

We build according to the drawing provided by the customer or according to our standard.

Control wing dampers with Lozenge blades with opposed or parallel movement .

They can be installed on either suction or discharge ventilation system.

Butterfly dampers allow the amount of air entering or leaving a ventilation system to be regulated.
When dampers are closed, they reduce unnecessary air leakage, helping to save energy.

Industrial fans

Various types of construction materials are used according to the customer’s usage requirements.

Guillotine dampers are devices used to intercept and dam airflow in industrial ventilation systems.

Three-way dampers are devices used to intercept, regulate and divert air flows in industrial ventilation systems.

Gravity dampers are used for interception and nonreturn of air flow in industrial ventilation systems.

We build louver dampers, flow regulators, guillotines, gravity and three-way dampers. We produce according to our standard or according to the customer's design. If requested we provide CE marking as partly completed machinery in accordance with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.
Our fans are used in a wide range of applications, including:
• Petrochemical industries and refineries
• Steel industry and foundries
• Cement factories and pharmaceutical industry
• Infrastructure: Metro, tunnels and railways
• Incinerators and waste-to-energy plants
• Chemical industry and Fertilizers
• Co-generation and energy generation systems
• Shipyards
We create piers for anchoring or mooring boats. Products certified in accordance with EN-1090 EXC2 and Machinery Directive in the case of motorized docks
We build customized tanks based on various needs, for the containment of liquid and solid substances, flow regulators, ladders, tanks, impellers etc.





Other products

Flow regulators, ladders, tanks, buoys, impellers etc.

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